Supporter Spotlight: Vinson Family

Meet the Family

Britt, Tammy, Sidney, Liza, and Knox



How did you first learn about the Me Fine Foundation?

We knew the Lee family while they were struggling through Folden’s treatment and eventually the loss of his life. We were so touched by the Lee family’s faith and strength- their desire to carry on Folden’s legacy through the Me Fine Foundation. While I was in orthodontic school in Philadelphia, Tammy worked as a pediatric oncology, bone-marrow transplant nurse at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Through her experiences, we saw the great need and were called by our faith to help make a difference in the lives of suffering children. So when Me Fine was established, we knew we wanted to help in some way so we jumped on board. Since then, our family has been focused on helping families and children locally and internationally. We are huge lovers of our community and we really want to give back, love, and support the people that make up the place we call home.

What is the greatest influence for you when choosing a particular nonprofit organization or cause?

We are passionate about supporting organizations that directly impact people in need:physically, emotionally and spiritually.

What are three words you would use to describe yourself and/or your family?

Loving, honest, hardworking

What are you grateful for?

Family, faith, health, and happiness

What makes you laugh?

Other people laughing, impractical jokers, friend’s stories, when someone says something that you would never expect

What does being a part of a community look like for you?

Our community is a group of people: friends, family, neighbors, and community members that lean on and support each other in times of joy & need.

What other community-based or nonprofit organizations do you support as a donor, volunteer, board member, etc.?

We give and support many organizations locally and internationally such as Hope Reins of Raleigh; Back Pack Buddies (Interfaith Food Shuttle); 1 of;; Compassion International, Watoto Ministries; and local churches and schools. Incredible blessings have been bestowed upon our family through the many years. We feel the Lord calling us through Luke 12:48 “from everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and from the one whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded.”

What would you like us to know about you/your family that we haven’t asked yet?

We are raising our children, Sidney, Liza and Knox , to see the world around them and be servant leaders for those that are less fortunate! Our daughters were able to spend a month (with Tammy) last July in Uganda working with Watoto Church in Gulu. The girls developed a faith based program and worked with 14-18 year old girls in the village in Gulu sharing the gospel. It was a very transformative experience for them and we are praying that they continue these good works.

Vinson family

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