Supporter Spotlight: The Parikh Family

Talking about diving right into giving back! San and Lauren Parikh moved to North Carolina in 2017 and almost immediately found themselves connected to the Me Fine Foundation. The couple had recently welcomed their first child, Maya. In 2018, Lauren and San offered their talent and experience for the Me Fine Gala as committee members. San joined the Board of Directors in 2019, and both plan to continue deepening their connections to the organization’s mission in the years to come. Learn more about the Parikh family in this Supporter Spotlight.

How did you first learn about the Me Fine Foundation?

San was introduced to Me Fine’s Executive Director and Board Chair through his law firm, Wyrick Robbins, a Me Fine sponsor.

What about Me Fine’s mission most resonates with you?

Having a young daughter, Me Fine’s commitment to supporting families emotionally and financially when they have critically ill children pulled at our heart strings. We cannot imagine anything harder than watching our daughter suffer through a serious illness. Even the very minor and normal illnesses she has had, have been disruptive as we’ve had to scramble to find child care and have to miss work so we can’t imagine the toll that would take for months on end.

What is the greatest influence for you when choosing a particular nonprofit organization or cause?

Obviously the organization has to have a mission that is important to us and we also consider the community served by the organization and how much of the donations go directly to supporting the cause.

What are three words you would use to describe yourself and/or your family?

Loving. Fun. Driven.

Lauren Parikh as a little girl wearing a swimsuit
Evidence that Lauren really did love all things water.

The toy/activity that brought you the greatest joy as a child was:

Lauren: water sports and activities, especially at the lake.

San: a deck of cards and lots of family.

Sam as a toddle holding a multicolored beach ball above his head
San must have known early that he would have to woo someone who loved water sports, hence improving his beachball skillsl 

If you could have any meal delivered to you right now, what would it be?

Sushi (for both of us!)

What are you grateful for?

Our health and the health and our family, having all our needs and most of our wants met; the opportunities we’ve been afforded in life and the list goes on and on – we’re incredibly grateful for all we have!

What makes you laugh?

Each other, Brooklyn 99, our daughter Maya, and our puppy Remi

What does being a part of a community look like for you?

Being part of a local network that supports one another during the hard times and is there to celebrate one another’s successes and joys as well.

What other community-based or nonprofit organizations do you support as a donor, volunteer, board member, etc.?

NC Legal Aid Fund. We also sponsor a child in India through Children International.

What would you like us to know about you/your family that we haven’t asked yet?

We moved to Raleigh from New Jersey (right outside New York City) a little over a year ago to find a better pace of life for our family. We’re an interracial, interfaith family that believes that the fight for equality and inclusiveness is among the most important causes of our time.