Supporter Spotlight: The Dickinson Family

Meet the Family

Adam Dickinson; Susan Novak. Owen, Audrey, Elyse and Isaac Dickinson



How did you first learn about the Me Fine Foundation?

Our good friend from business school, Colleen McGowan, was on the board and invited us to our first gala in 2016.

What about Me Fine’s mission most resonates with you?

Its commitment to help families during a time of unexpected and heartbreaking crisis.

What is the greatest influence for you when choosing a particular nonprofit organization or cause?

That it resonates with a need we have seen or experienced ourselves in or community.

What are three words you would use to describe yourself and/or your family?

Active, cuddly, explorers

The toy/activity that brought you the greatest joy as a child was:

Riding my bike (Adam)

Swimming with my sisters (Susan)

Growing up, who did you look up to and why?

My Mom, because she could do anything. (Susan)

If you could have any meal delivered to you right now, what would it be?

Thai (Susan)

A dripping hot Geno’s Cheesteak with onions, peppers, provolone and hot cherry peppers (Adam)

What are you grateful for?

My beautiful family (Susan)

The fact that we have the means and flexibility to go out in the world and do fun things (Adam)

What makes you laugh?

Our kids being silly and kind to each other.

What does being a part of a community look like for you?

Finding ways to help others: lots of little ways like everyday kindness, and some big ways, like getting engaged in a great charity.

What other community-based or nonprofit organizations do you support as a donor, volunteer, board member, etc.?

Life Skills Foundation; Durham Public Schools; Immaculata Catholic School; Alex’s Lemonade Stand for Childhood Cancer Research; Duke Colorectal 5k; Families Moving Forward; Habitat for Humanity; Swarthmore College

What would you like us to know about you/your family that we haven’t asked yet?

Me Fine is probably the charity that is closest to our heart. When we had our first child, 9 years ago, he was rushed to the UNC NICU immediately after birth and stayed there for 13 days while our lives we’re put on hold as we stood vigil by him and our dreams for our future family were rocked. As hard as those times we’re for us, we feel so blessed to have been able to commit ourselves to taking care of him and us during that time and blessed for the outcome we received.

During our time in the NICU, several of Owen’s tiny baby neighbors didn’t have any visitors during the two weeks we were there. The nurses told us it was usually because the family could not afford to spend that much time at their child’s bedside. Me Fine touches us because it enables those families to be more present and in control during one of life’s most difficult moments: having a sick child. We love Me Fine!