Supporter Spotlight: Mike and Kristin Molitoris

The Molitoris family at ChristmasFar from the flat lands of Nebraska, where they first met, Mike and Kristin Molitoris wasted little time in finding ways to make an impact in their new home of North Carolina after moving to the Triangle from Baltimore in 2011.

As part of introducing his business (Flagship Wealth Management Group, LLC) to their new home, Mike spent a lot of time networking in the community, which ended up with him crossing paths with Joey Powell, Me Fine’s current Executive Director. Over a mutual love for sports and call to serve their communities, Mike became a pivotal part of the Me Fine family, bringing his wife Kristin and their three children along for the journey.

After the birth of two healthy children, Mike and Kristin experienced a bit of a bumpier ride after the birth of their son Luke. Luke had elevated levels of billirubin, causing him to be jaundice. Normally this clears within a couple of days or with light therapy, but Luke’s condition did not improve after leaving the hospital. In fact, his health grew worse, prompting Mike and Kristin to rush him to the NICU at WakeMed (now part of the Me Fine Foundation family as of late 2017). Fortunately, the skilled medical team intervened quickly, and today, Luke is a happy and healthy two-year-old.

But, for Mike and Kristin, that experience gave them insight into how quickly costs associated with medical care can accumulate and how these additional burdens layer on the already-weighted shoulders of parents and caretakers trying to care for critically-ill children. For them, supporting the work of Me Fine just made sense.

“Me Fine’s mission is about the practical stuff,” Kristin noted. “The cost of gas can be a huge obstacle. Travel can impact a family’s ability to be there for their children, especially the farther they live from the hospital. This is an added level of stress that no one should have to go through.”

Kristin also volunteers with the Diaper Bank of North Carolina, a nonprofit dedicated to ensuring every family in North Carolina has access to basic necessities to support their dignity, health, and quality of life. Me Fine shares the Diaper Bank of NC’s vision, and the Molitoris family helps to raise greater awareness and visibility of both organizations through their personal and professional networks.

As Mike launched Flagship Wealth Management Group back in 2010, he embraced one of the core values that was instilled in him during his military service: a commitment to giving back to his community. “That was one of the reasons I left corporate America – it was about getting good press, not simply because it was the right thing to do” he reflected. True to his word, Mike has helped open countless doors to spreading the word about Me Fine’s mission and additional financial resources to put our mission into action.

“How could you not want to support an organization like the Me Fine Foundation?” Mike said. “Who doesn’t want to help children and their families? It’s a no brainer.”