Supporter Spotlight: Bomani Jones

“When you have more than you need, you have a duty to do what you can for both the people you know and for strangers.”

This is one of the underlying principles that guides Bomani (Bo) Jones in his approach to philanthropy.

You may have heard of Bo – or at least heard his voice – from his career on the radio and now in the podcast world. His educational pursuits first brought him to the Triangle; his initial career kept him here. He first met Joey Powell, Me Fine’s current Executive Director, at their first “office” jobs at ESPN.

Bomani Jones

Photo by Rodrigo Varela / ESPN Images

Since his initial days hosting The Three Hour Lunch Break and Sports Saturday with Bomani Jones in Raleigh and then launching his own show from Durham (The Morning Jones), Bo’s broadcasting career took him south of the Tar Heel state to Florida and most recently transplanted him in the Northeast. Still, Bo’s heart remains tied to the Triangle region.

“The Triangle was the only place I chose to live,” Bo noted. “Even after I’ve been gone for years, I still maintain a strong personal connection to the community.”

One way that Bo has maintained that relationship is by supporting the mission of the Me Fine Foundation. While his first introduction to the organization came about because of working with Joey, Bo felt like his contributions were having a clear impact on people’s lives.

“I know that Me Fine is paying someone’s light bill or providing a hotel room so a family can stay close to the hospital. That individual support gives a family in crisis immediate assistance, which is important to me. Sometimes, causes are so big and complex that it doesn’t feel like you as a donor can make a difference. Me Fine shows me how my gift translates into something tangible and real for families dealing with such unimaginable situations.”

With a background and multiple degrees in Economics, Bo’s career has taken him down a slightly different path now as the host of his latest show High Noon (on ESPN Radio with co-host Pablo Torre) as well as the The Right Time podcast. Yet, Bo’s wish to participate in the public commentary space has come to fruition. Asked what the biggest conception people hold about working on a radio show, Bo offered that working as a radio broadcaster is a lot of work.

“We don’t just show up and start talking each day. You have to put in a lot of hours to prepare for a three hour program. And, you always have to be up. There isn’t much wiggle room for an off or bad day. But, that helps me to stay focused on doing the best I can every day.”

It is clear to use that Bo’s mindset of doing all he can to be there for his community transcends his show and spills over into his role as a Me Fine supporter.

Are you interested in being profiled for a Supporter Spotlight segment? Please contact Katie Todd at A big thank you to Bomani Jones for not only his financial support but his willingness to share his story! If you would like to become a Me Fine supporter, you can make a one-time gift or join as a monthly sustainer here.