Supporter Spotlight: Hutchinson Family

CJ, Kevin, Katherine, and Ellie Hutchinson

Before she joined the Me Fine Foundation Board of Directors in January 2019, Katherine Hutchinson had already made a big splash in supporting the nonprofit’s mission. Not only was she an active member on the Emotional Support Committee, she and her husband (Kevin) attended Music for Me Fine, taking home two fabulous silent auction prizes. The family’s giving spirit continued throughout 2018, capping off the year by taking a lead in organizing Me Fine’s annual Hope for the Holidays program as well as being a part of the gift distribution events.

Learn more about Katherine’s childhood love of baby dolls, her family’s [husband, Kevin; daughter, Ellie (14); and son, CJ (11)] fondness of travel and community serve, and why she cheers for the Fighting Irish in this edition of our Supporter Spotlight series.

How did you first learn about the Me Fine Foundation?

My close friend and fellow psychologist, Jaclyn Starritt, invited me to join the Emotional Support Committee.

“Kevin and I both strongly value service to our community and want to raise our children to be good global citizens of the world. “

What about Me Fine’s mission most resonates with you?

Me Fine brings people together to support some of the most vulnerable members of our community at the most difficult points in their lives. Childhood illness does not discriminate and can impact any family at any time. Supporting these children and their families tends to bring out the very best in people; it brings people together in a really beautiful way.

What is the greatest influence for you when choosing a particular nonprofit organization or cause?

The greatest influence for me in choosing a nonprofit to support is equal parts the cause and mission of the group and the people behind the mission. Everyone I have met through Me Fine, including the staff, the board and the volunteers, have been dedicated, kind and compassionate individuals.

What are three words you would use to describe yourself and/or your family?

Our family is adventurous, funny and connected. We love to travel and try to take the kids on one “big” trip a year to expose them to different people, cultures and parts of the world. Kevin and I both strongly value service to our community and want to raise our children to be good global citizens of the world.

The toy/activity that brought you the greatest joy as a child was:

Not surprisingly, my favorite activities as a child involved playing with baby dolls, especially my Cabbage Patch dolls! I have always loved children and babies.

What are you grateful for?

I am grateful for so much! My family, healthy children, laughter, sunshine, the opportunity to connect with others every day in my profession, the ability to travel and show my kids the world and my community.

What other community-based or nonprofit organizations do you support as a donor, volunteer, board member, etc.?

We support our church, our alma mater, The University of Notre Dame, St. Jude, our local food bank, Western Wake Crisis Ministry, and the Durham Rescue Mission. I serve as a professional advisor to Moms Supporting Moms, a support group for new moms experiencing postpartum anxiety or depression (that is part of SafeChild).