Stories of Hope: Clancy B.

Clancy B. shares her experience as a single mother navigating her son’s diagnosis of juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma.

Stories of Hope: Clancy B.

We at the Me Fine Foundation feel incredible gratitude and privilege to provide a platform for families to share their stories of hope during their child’s medical crisis.

Me Fine Foundation thanks Clancy B. for graciously offering a glimpse into her experience navigating her son’s diagnosis and treatment at UNC Children’s for juvenile pilocystic astrocytoma, a rare type of brain tumor.

“Life was good before Ose’s diagnosis. When he got sick in Nov 2010, he started chemotherapy, and things got so complicated. I had a lot of financial difficulties and I could not work full time due to medical treatments and appointments. Bills, both regular and medical, were piling up, I couldn’t catch up. Medical bills were in the tens of thousands of dollars not covered by insurance. People and organizations like Me Fine can support families like mine, especially single mothers like me. Thanks a lot for your assistance. It means so much to my family.”

Clancy B.

As Clancy shares, the financial challenges of treatment can be especially hard on single-parent families. In addition to life expenses and medical bills, the “smaller” costs such as $10/day parking at the hospital add up quickly. Your donation to Me Fine Foundation helps families stay afloat as they navigate their child’s treatment. Support this vital mission today at