Stories of Hope: Art S.

Art S. shares his family’s experiences during his daughter’s treatment for Ewing’s Sarcoma at UNC Children’s Hospital.

Stories of Hope: Art S.

We at the Me Fine Foundation feel incredible gratitude and privilege to provide a platform for families to share their stories of hope during their child’s medical crisis.

Me Fine Foundation thanks Art S. for graciously offering us a glimpse into his family’s experiences during his daughter’s treatment for Ewing’s Sarcoma at UNC Children’s Hospital.

“Four months ago, [my daughter] was saying she wanted to go to school at UNC Chapel Hill. She said she wanted to study pediatric oncology nursing. This was all before she was ever diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma. Once she was diagnosed, she really wanted to go through chemotherapy because she wanted to have the experience to share with other people.

“Life is crazy since we found out about [her] cancer. We’ve learned to be extremely flexible in our schedule, where before all this started, our calendar was planned four months in advance. Now, we go week to week. We have all sorts of extra medication, shower chairs, wheelchairs, crutches, a “go” bag, etc.

“We wish people knew two specific things [about having] children with cancer. First, there are so many caring people praying and giving to kids in need. Our first hospital visit we left home with 3 bags, one for each of us. We came home with twelve bags from all the foundations and donations we received. Second, this is a journey. We hope in the day we finish and we’ve beaten cancer, but we learn and grow through the whole process.

“Additional costs for us come mostly at home & travel, things like grabbing a quick meal on the road or buying a new removable shower head. Those little things tend to add up. Our insurance has covered everything so far. We’ve been fortunate to have a church and people around us to help support us. Another thing we wish people knew is they are not alone. We’ve had more people who have been through childhood cancer journeys give us advice and point us in the right direction.”

Art S.

As Art described, life can change quickly with a child’s diagnosis. That’s why Me Fine provides an emergency safety net for families year-round with our financial assistance program — and why we’ve customized our Hope for the Holidays program to support families in the midst of a medical crisis during the holiday season.

We call our family adoption team the Dream Team because of their willingness to be “on call” to provide gifts for a family experiencing a new diagnosis or sudden hospitalization this holiday season. Learn more about the Dream Team and how you can get involved with Hope for the Holidays here: