Stories of Hope: Angela G.

Angela G. shares her family’s experience navigating first-time parenthood with a little one in the Intensive Care Nursery at Duke Children’s.

Stories of Hope: Angela G.

We at the Me Fine Foundation feel incredible gratitude and privilege to provide a platform for families to share their stories of hope during their child’s medical crisis.

Me Fine Foundation thanks Angela G. for graciously offering us a glimpse into her family’s journey.

“Will and I are first time parents and we were blessed with twin girls, Olive and Rosemary. At 27 weeks, we were informed of Rosemary’s condition. We were introduced to Duke staff/doctors/surgeons and had a lot of confidence in them. Shortly after, we learned the girls were in the 2nd percentile of growth. This isn’t uncommon for twins but for Rosemary, this could keep her from her much-needed surgery and if she did have her surgery, her small size could play a role in her success. We only shared this with immediate family and our employers. Fast forward to today and we are 5+ weeks post-op and Rosemary has been moved to the progressive care unit at Duke. This is a journey and every day, we learn more about what our lives will or could look like. Rosemary is our fierce little fighter and Olive is her loving sister.

We have found that patience is so helpful from others. Patience with responses, patience with our exhaustion, patience with our emotions, and patience with our time. This has been a huge help to us and those close to us.

For me, what I wish others knew or understood about a family with a child who has a chronic/critical illness is that this is a marathon. We will have strong moments, weak moments, apathetic moments, and asking “Is your child okay now?” is a very difficult question to answer as it’s a constantly changing response. Also, know that love, understanding, and positive thoughts/prayers go so far and are always appreciated.”

Angela G.

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