NEW: Teen Resource Cart at Duke Children’s Hospital

A massive thank you to the AJ Fletcher Foundation for helping build out the Teen Resource Cart at Duke Children’s Hospital! The cart carries fun supplies for teenagers receiving treatment to ensure that they have access to engaging material. The cart includes items such as books, movies, games, coloring books and art projects.

Neat, right? Read what some of the teens and staff have to say about it: 

“The gel pens and adult coloring from the teen cart helped me relax and pass the time.”    -Lea, age 18

“It is great for our teens to have a special space to choose activities that appeal to their age.” – Katelin, CCLS, Child Life Specialist, Duke Children’s  5300 Unit

“The teen cart is an awesome way for our teen patients to make choices when many things are out of their control.”   – Jess, RN, Duke Children’s 5100 Unit

“We are fortunate to have teen carts that we can utilize for teen patients on adult units.  These units often have fewer resources to normalize the environment so the rolling teen carts provide comfort to these patients.”  – Susan, Child Life Specialist, Duke Children’s (Hospital School Coordinator)

Stories like these allow us to show our community the impact that their donations can have. We aim to have a real and tangible impact on the lives of children receiving care and their families. Interested in speaking with someone to contribute? Visit our website to learn more and get in touch.