Mom on a Mission to End Childhood Cancer Gets GLAM4GOOD!

One of the bravest women I know is a 31-year-old single mom named Elissa Gaus.

Elissa’s world shattered on May 7, 2010. It was the day her 4-year-old son Micah was diagnosed with a baseball-sized brain tumor. Since that time, Micah has endured five surgeries, 46 rounds of radiation to his brain and spine, and has had to relearn how to breathe, sit up, walk, eat and — due to a tracheostomy — speak. After two years of fighting hard to regain his abilities, Micah was re-diagnosed in May of 2012 with two more inoperable tumors in his brain and a spinal tumor. Micah has been receiving daily chemotherapy and bi-weekly infusion treatments at Duke Children’s Hospital.

I met Elissa because she was nominated to have a GLAM4GOOD day of pampering by Lori Lee, founder of the Me Fine Foundation. Lee lost her own son, Folden, to leukemia and created Me Fine Foundation to provide hope to critically ill children and their families through financial assistance, necessary resources and emotional support. Lee shared Elissa’s story with me and I knew I wanted to treat Elissa to a special day of GLAM4GOOD when my team and I could nurture her.

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