Me Fine Seeks an AoR

Me Fine Foundation
Request for Proposals – Agency of Record

Introduction and Executive Summary
One in three families with children experiences significant financial burden at some point due to medical care costs, and roughly three out of every five personal bankruptcies are byproducts of insurmountable medical debt. Since 2004, Me Fine Foundation, Inc. (Me Fine) has addressed this overwhelming need by providing both financial and emotional support to more than 2,000 families with one or more child who is experiencing a medical crisis. We work with families whose children are being treated by Duke Children’s Medical Center, UNC Children’s Hospital, or WakeMed Children’s Hospital.
We are seeking a communications partner to help us with an overall communications strategy and monthly implementation on earned and owned media. The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit information and offers for these services from partners interested in working with Me Fine.

Request for Proposal Timeline and Protocol
If you plan to participate in this RFP, please email Joey Powell (joey.powell at mefinefoundation dot org) with a copy to Laura Brewer (laura.brewer at mefinefoundation dot org) no later than the Non-Mandatory Notice of Intent to Participate due date shown below. Please submit all your questions in one email to the same email addresses. All questions will be answered in writing. Please submit questions by the RFP Written Questions due date shown below. Responses will be shared with all companies involved in this RFP. Please be aware that Me Fine is not committed to any course of action as a result of its issuance of this RFP and its receipt of a proposal from you or any other company.

Proposed Timetable:
Event Date
Distribute RFP September 30

Non-Mandatory Notice of due October 7 Intent to Participate

RFP Written Questions due by 5:00 pm EST October 11

Me Fine written Responses to October 18 questions to Interested Partners

RFP Proposals due by 5:00 pm EST October 25

Me Fine to complete review November 4

Me Fine Overview
Me Fine believes:
1) Children and families come first.
2) Family dignity must be preserved and stories must be honored.
3) Inclusivity is paramount in delivering our mission.

Our Mission: to provide hope through emotional support and financial assistance to families whose children are receiving care at North Carolina partner hospitals.
Our Vision: to build and sustain partnerships to eliminate barriers so families can focus on their children.

Me Fine has four full-time staff members that include an executive director, director of development, program director, and general manager of the Second Hope Shop, a thrift store that helps cover operating costs. We also have an active volunteer board of directors with 16 members.

More information is available at

The Project
At a recent board retreat, increasing brand awareness was identified as a top priority for a majority of staff and volunteers. Our organization is looking for a professional partner to help us spread the word about the great work Me Fine does in our community to increase our donor base, attendance at our fundraising events, and support network.

We anticipate working with a partner on a monthly retainer basis, with an increased spend during months preceding major events (March and September). The partner should help with the development of an annual communications plan, ongoing recommendations and implementation, and social media support and implementation. The partner should plan to work with Me Fine’s executive director, Joey Powell, as its main point of contact. Others within the organization, including staff and board members, may also attend meetings, approve content, etc.

Project Requirements

-Immersion session or kickoff
-A communications plan that includes earned and owned media ideas, including specific pitches and social media moments.
-Monthly earned media implementation support.
-Monthly social media support.
-Other support as mutually agreed upon based on partner ideas and recommendations and Me Fine’s available funding.

The Proposal
Please provide a proposal in electronic form by the RFP Response Due date shown above to Joey Powell (joey.powell at mefinefoundation dot org) with a copy to Laura Brewer (laura.brewer at mefinefoundation dot org). The proposal should be in PDF format.

In your proposal, please outline how you would approach the project and a few of your ideas. Full spec work isn’t required, but please briefly describe how you’d approach overall strategy, message development, insight-driven creative work that will speak to our audiences, and distribution on channels that will reach them. Messages should be positive and engaging and, if they highlight the families we serve, respectful.
Please also share information about your organization, your history, your processes, and your mission. References and information about why you’re interested in this project also are preferred. Please also provide up to three work samples, especially any related to previous non-profit work.

Selection Criteria
The willing bidder, if any, will be selected solely in the judgment of Me Fine’s executive director with the input of Me Fine’s staff and board or directors.

Me Fine’s annual budget is $15,000. We recognize that this may be lower than other private sector clients and we are willing to work with our partner on sponsorship and other publicity opportunities to offset cost differentials.
We also recognize that this entire scope may not be possible within our budget, and we welcome partners’ feedback and recommendations. Please tell us what, in your opinion, we should prioritize to increase our brand awareness and grow funding support in the Triangle.