Striving For More Merger

Me Fine Foundation and Striving For More Merger


Dear Me Fine Family and Friends,

I write this letter to share my excitement with you. Usually, we try to keep mass communication with you to a minimum, so you should already suspect that this is a big deal.

Exciting News.  As of last Monday, Me Fine has officially merged with another local non-profit called Striving for More. This has been a long, meticulous process, during which we’ve not only learned much about ourselves, but much about how efficiently we operate to serve the families we do. The founder of Striving for More, Diane Moore, approached Lori back at the end of last year. Diane lost her daughter Colleen to cancer at the age of 9, and though she and Lori had different journeys, they both shared a passion to help critically ill children and their families. Diane felt that in order to do the most good, it made more sense to pool resources and efforts with a similar organization, to stretch our program dollars even further. After many discussions, we all agreed, and began the process of working with attorneys to legally make this acquisition happen.

Striving for More helps provide psychological and emotional support to childhood cancer patients of Duke and UNC Children’s Hospitals. Because they operate in the same space that Me Fine does, we felt that bringing them into the fold would not only increase the scope of our services, it will allow us to help more families.

Moving Forward.  As we move forward, Striving for More will dissolve and will operate as a set of programs under Me Fine’s 501(c)3 tax-exempt status. Me Fine will inherit all of Striving for More’s assets, and Diane has now joined the Me Fine Board of Directors. She will continue to serve as the director of the Striving for More programs within Me Fine. All of these details were presented in a 228-page document to the State Attorney General, and the application was approved at the end of July.

I hope that you are as excited about this major phase in our growth as I am. We’ll be celebrating this merger at our annual Gala on October 18th, which will benefit both Me Fine and Striving for More. We encourage you to join us as either a sponsor, or at minimum, an attendee! You can find more information at

I thank you all for your continued, loyal support to our mission.



Joey Powell,

Executive Director

Me Fine Foundation, Inc. 

5100 US Highway 70 E.
Princeton, NC 27569

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