Me Fine Foundation sponsors Childhood Cancer Advocate Elissa Gaus to receive GLAM4GOOD Makeover

The Me Fine Foundation is privileged to meet brave and amazing families throughout our services at Duke and UNC Hospitals.  One exceptional mom, Elissa Gaus and her son, Micah, have been strong advocates for children with cancer.

Featured from Huffington Post article:

“As a young mom, I was not sure of what I wanted to be,” says Elissa, “but my son has answered that for me … I am a warrior. I fight for his needs, and for childhood cancer awareness. I have been the voice for Micah and all the kids to let people know of the lack of focus on our children in drug development, the lack of social service support, offered to all the adults undergoing treatments for this horrific disease, yet so lacking for children. I am the mother of a pediatric brain tumor patient … and I will fight for him and all of them. My name is Elissa Gaus, and I am on a mission.”

Me Fine nominated Elissa for GLAM4GOOD day sponsored by Suave and featured on Huffington Post.  You can read the full article and watch Elissa’s transformation here:

Elissa Gaus GLAM4Good Me Fine Foundation

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