Mission, Vision of Striving For More Remains Strong in Me Fine’s Hands Five Years Later

This month marks the 5-year anniversary of the merger between Striving for More and Me Fine Foundation. Next month will be 10 years since our 9-year-old daughter, Colleen died from cancer, and the experience that led to my purpose. Although it has been proven that psychosocial care improves outcomes and quality of life, many hospitals were struggling to provide this care. Insurance companies were not reimbursing hospitals to provide things like sibling support, opportunities for social interaction, and medical procedure preparation. I began my mission to address the gaps.

Today, even though these services and others are cited as standards of care in the pediatric population, many centers continue to struggle to fund them. They depend on the support of organizations like Me Fine to develop and fund programs that can be used as important resources for their youngest patients and their families. Members of the psychosocial care teams work directly with Me Fine to support financial and emotional needs of their patients. I am incredibly proud that Colleen’s legacy lives on and continues to grow through the continual support of Me Fine supporters, board members, staff, and volunteers.

The mission of Me Fine continues to remain close to my heart. Our dedication to their purpose drives us to continue to donate year after year in honor of Colleen and the other children who experience critical illness.

Perhaps there is a child you know who has benefited from their programs, perhaps your family is looking for ways to celebrate the health and well-being of your own children, perhaps you see the need as strongly as I do. Whatever your reason for donating, you can rest assured that critically ill children located where you live, work and play will benefit from your family’s generosity and my family would be incredibly grateful.

With hope,
Diane Moore