In Their Words: Brandon’s Story

The ability to share our stories allows us to connect with each other and discover that we often have more in common than we might think. We at Me Fine have begun to ask families if they would be willing to allow us a glimpse into their current lives as their child undergoes treatment for a critical medical condition. It is our honor and privilege to provide such a platform for these families, and we’re grateful for their courage in putting pen to paper and inviting us all in to their world during such a difficult time. 

In Their Words: Brandon’s Story

Our life was like any other. Normal, hectic, and fun.

However, in the midst of our lives, our oldest daughter started doing things that weren’t like her: getting tired, not wanting to run with friends. Once we got the official diagnosis (B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia), it was punch in the gut.

Image of stethoscope on gray table

The pause button, in a lot of ways, has been hit in our lives. We make the majority of our decisions now based on what’s best in terms of her treatment, her exposure to anyone else (to keep her from being sick), and what resources we have to cover what we need.

There are so many things that I could say but getting financial support and encouragement is a big one because there are a lot of incidentals and needs that come up that many have helped us with. Gas to and from; items at the store; food: all are significant when shuffling back and forth to the hospital.

Taking care of vehicles, having someone to help with the small things so we can focus on the big things, which is our daughter and beating Leukemia. Those who have helped us say it’s a really small thing, but no. It’s a very big deal to us! We are so blessed and thankful to God for those who help us in any way.

Story authored by Brandon, whose daughter is currently receiving treatment for B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at UNC Children’s Hospital. Their family lives in Raleigh. To make a donation to ensure families like Brandon’s receive the financial assistance and emotional supports they need throughout their journey, click here.