Important Updates from Me Fine

Dear Me Fine Friends:

We hope this note finds you safe and well. Me Fine cares about each one of you, and we hope that your personal circumstances in these unprecedented times are filled with health, safety, and support.

As with many organizations and businesses, the economic turmoil from COVID-19 has created real, tangible pain for Me Fine. As of Monday, March 30th, we’ve closed our Second Hope Shop thrift store until further notice. The store provides a significant and steady flow of our operating cash. Additionally, in the spirit of safety and community, and in compliance with current county and state regulations, we’ve postponed our annual Music for Me Fine Benefit Concert, originally scheduled for April 24. We will share the reschedule date with you as soon as we’ve confirmed it. In the past, Music for Me Fine has played an integral role in our fundraising and was expected to raise $100,000. 

What does this mean for the children and families in crisis that Me Fine serves? Honestly, I’m not sure. For the foreseeable future, we’re going to keep responding to their needs as best we can, but with minimal income in the 2nd Quarter of this year, I’m unsure how long we can maintain our current level of support for those we’re charged to serve. The recently passed CARES Act may provide some relief to maintain our operations, but without knowing how/if/when that financing gets in our hands, we simply cannot project for the long-term right now. 

That’s why I write to you today: to share in your pain and to brief you on ours. Rest assured, we’ve been working non-stop on crisis management through an all-hands approach with our staff and board. We have a plan, and as things change, we remain positive, agile, and responsive, but we’re being honest with ourselves at the same time. The next few months will be tough for us, but most importantly, the children and families who face medical crises are facing an even greater additional layer of turmoil. Please don’t forget them during this time of peril: If you’re at all able, we hope you’ll consider making a gift to our work today

Please help us continue to take care of the children and families who need us most. Also note that the recently-passed legislation offers additional tax relief for charitable gifts. We hope you’ll consider helping Me Fine today. 

We’re thankful for your belief in us. With faith in each other, our community and our world will get through this stronger than ever before. 

With Gratitude, 

Joey Powell – Executive Director, Me Fine Foundation