Family Fun during the Summer of COVID-19

Stumped for summer fun? Me Fine has you covered! Check out these creative ideas from our Board & Staff.

“We really enjoyed the butterfly life cycle kit (on Amazon). It came with 5 caterpillars that you take care of for a few weeks until they turn into butterflies, and then you release them into nature. Really cool activity!”

— Claudia Cadet, Board Member

“I have been doing a lot of gardening with my daughter. For Father’s Day, my wife got me a gardening toolkit and a toddler one for my daughter. We go out and dig holes, plant flowers and cut the dead blooms off of the plants.”

— San Parikh, Board Member

“My kids have made a ‘pirate ship’ out of cardboard boxes, a stuffed animal ‘zoo’, and we made and decorated donuts with a kit from Rise!”

— Laura Brewer, Board Member

“My teen daughters planned a week-long ‘Cousin Camp’ to hang out with their 8-year-old cousin who lives in CA. They met via Zoom for 1.5-2 hours each day. The girls pre-planned daily sessions of ‘camp like’ activities that included: at-home science experiments, crafts, exercise/yoga, learning TikTok dances, and virtual snack prep. (All activities and supplies were communicated and cleared with their Aunt & Uncle in advance!) ‘Cousin Camp’ added responsibility and structure to my daughters’ week and was a great way to increase connection with family we won’t get to see this year. It also helped reduce some of the demands my sister-in-law and her husband are juggling while working fulltime from home with an 8-year-old and an infant.”

— Stephanie Mazze, Board Member

“We have been doing a ridiculous amount of puzzles.  Sometimes we challenge ourselves to do 1000 pieces in 1 day. Others we average about a week. Think we are on number 10!”

— Jaclyn Starritt, Board Member

Team up with your neighbors! Our family did a socially distanced field day with neighbors (think relay races, water balloon toss), and we participated in a neighborhood scavenger hunt!”

— Laura Brewer, Board Member

Water balloon ‘fight’ in the backyard!”

— Colleen McGowan, Board Chair

“Our family has been hitting the bikes hard these past couple months during COVID times. Blake took off her training wheels in March and we’ve been hitting the Raleigh greenways. Great way to get fresh air and exercise together.”

— Webb Bostic, Past Board Chair

“To avoid the constant begging for iPads, we instituted the three ticket rule. I made three tickets, worth 25-minutes of iPad time each. The kids get them every morning after they’re dressed and ready, and can use them at their discretion during the day. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. It’s worked great! It gives them power to choose when they want to utilize them, while also teaching them planning their day. The biggest win: no more battles over when they’ll get them or taking them away when the timer goes off!”

— Emily Fera, Board Member

“We got a ping pong table for the garage, and tie-dyed hoodies together. We also celebrated a sweet 16th birthday with a video of happy birthday greetings from friends and family, a car parade and an awesome lawn sign display.”

— Katherine Hutchinson, Board Member

“We have been playing ‘Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza’, a card game that is great for kids of all ages and fun as adults! Unpacking this game last week has added a lot of laughter to our house.”

— Bryan Strothmann, Board Member

Throughout this pandemic my family has spent our time together. We’ve been very fortunate that we haven’t been sick and are able to be together. This picture shows what we have done with each other during this time.

— Mary Angel Bastin, Second Hope Shop Manager

“I’ve been taking the kids on nature walks in the evenings, once it’s not so surface-of-the-sun hot. It helps them learn about their environment, see critters in a natural habitat, stoke their inherent curiosity, and give my wife some alone time to wind down the day.”

— Joey Powell, Exec. Director

We hope these ideas inspire some family fun in your house!