Faces of Me Fine: Meet Mary Mendez

Caty, Cassie, and Mary at Second Hope Store

Mary (pictured on far right) with her colleagues Caty (left) and Cassie (center) at Second Hope Shop in Princeton

In our new series, “Faces of Me Fine,” we will highlight the dedicated people who make sure the organization achieves its mission to support critically ill children and their families at Duke, UNC, and WakeMed Children’s Hospitals. In this post, meet Mary, a member of the team at Second Hope Shop in Princeton, North Carolina.

A serendipitous connection via the job recruitment website Indeed.com brought Mary into the Second Hope Shop. The recruiter noted that the store was in need of a bilingual employee. Able to meet those needs, Mary joined the team in 2017 as a cashier and a proud Princeton resident.

She is a mother of two children: Aiden (5) and Anna (2). Me Fine’s mission resonates with her, and as she has found, with her customers too. “Customers share their personal connections to Me Fine all of the time,” noted Mary.

One of her personal highlights at Second Hope Shop is making someone’s day by helping them find that perfect item. “You know, the one that they’ve been looking for and looking for, and have gone to other stores to find,” she explained. “I tell them ‘well, you should have come here first!'”

Me Fine’s Second Hope Shop is located at 5100 US Hwy 70 East in Princeton, North Carolina. You can find updates on sales and specials on the store’s Facebook page or give them a call at 919-202-0445.