Faces of Me Fine: Greg Rotz

Has it really been six years? I guess it has and what a six years it has been. The Me Fine Foundation has changed my perspective on life. Yes, that is a bold statement, but it truly has.

I came to Me Fine back in July 2012. At the time, the organization was in the beginning stages of a maturation process. One of the areas that required effort and formalization was Finance. Thus, given my background as a CPA, Tracy quickly pulled me into the fold to help support the organization on their newly formed Finance committee.

At the time, I really didn’t know much about Me Fine. However, I do recall vividly meeting the broader board and scratching my head at the level of talent and breadth of skill in the room. I wondered to myself: how did this organization recruit these outstanding individuals? After six years, I fully understand the answer to that question.

Me Fine is unique in its mission. We don’t serve just a child receiving care at Duke, UNC, or WakeMed Hospital. We serve their whole family. In a way, that is more emphatic and unmet than most people realize. It took me one Christmas in July to fully understand the power of the organization.

When you can touch, see, and feel the impact, it will take your breath away. It took mine away because I instantly tried to put myself into the shoes of the families I encountered and imagined what life would be like if our roles were reversed. Discovering your child has an incurable or disabling diagnosis is just the start of a terrible and difficult path. What these families endure over the course of time is unimaginable.

I remember being in the hospital with my son for a double ear infection where his temperature was 105 degrees and required a two night stay. Our family was spared in that instance, and we thought that was difficult. These families have not been spared. The toll of managing life outside of the hospital takes away from the emotional needs of their children. This is why I have dedicated the years and support I have to this great organization.

When my term is up here at the end of 2018, I will be leaving an organization that is strong and viable; it now has the foundation and structure to grow, thrive, and continue to address this critical need in our communitities.

The Rotz family sitting in a booth at the Angus Barn
Greg with his wife Leigh Ann, daughter Brylee, and son Hunter hamming it up.