Faces of Me Fine: Fall 2018 Interns

Once again, the Me Fine Foundation had the fortune to partner with Mindy Sopher’s Nonprofit & Leadership Development (COMM 466) class at North Carolina State University during the fall 2018 semester. Rima Patel, Abby Haywood, and Sophie Ritchie became a part of our team in mid-August. 

Nonprofit Leadership and Development “is a service-learning course in which students will be expected to make a 20-hour commitment to service in a local nonprofit organization. Students will critically examine theories of communication and leadership with concentration on issues pertaining to nonprofits such as working with executive boards, volunteer management, and resource development.”

Each student managed their own project over the course of the three months. Rima conducted research so Me Fine can better understand the underlying issues impacting families the organization serves through the Financial Assistance Program. Sophie built out profiles using publicly-available information so we can better understand the motivations, interests, and behaviors of individuals who support our work. Abby helped us to catalog the hundreds of varying diagnoses we have received and then identify potential pharmaceutical prospects whose treatments focus on those very critical and chronic medical conditions.

We asked each of them to share what they learned from their time with us, in their class, and about the nonprofit sector. Check out their responses below:

Rima Patel

“Working with the Me Fine Foundation, I’ve learned a lot about what values are important to me. Me Fine embodies so many great qualities, like transparency, prioritizing relationships, and having people who genuinely care about the cause, that I hope to bring with me throughout my career. The course taught me that no organization is perfect and that there is always room to grow and improve, and Me Fine has proven that good leaders are those that constantly aim to do that.” 

Rima Patel

“While working with the Me Fine Foundation, the main thing that I learned is that despite differing backgrounds, educational or career paths, or changes in someone’s life; you can always find something that you are passionate about. Joey, Meredith, and Katie all had different paths that somehow led them to the Me Fine Foundation. This gives me hope that I will one day find my passion and be able to contribute to helping a cause that I am passionate about. Being a premature child myself, the research I did with Me Fine really hit home. I am beyond grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with such selfless and caring people, while also being able to work towards something that I genuinely care about. I learned that Me Fine has accomplished many things and been able to help many families, however with the recent expansion of their board I believe that Me Fine can accomplish so much more. I believe now is a very pivotal time for the Me Fine Foundation and am beyond excited to see what comes next. I hope to continue research for Me Fine to help towards finding more treatments for patients.”

Abby Haywood

“During my time working with the Me Fine Foundation, I learned the basic components of a nonprofit organization. I learned how these aspects such as the mission and methods all connect to one another; each plays a major role in the future of the agency. With my time in this class, I became more aware of the organizations in my community and fluent with the work of a nonprofit.”

Sophie Ritchie

We wish each of them all of the best in their continued studies as well as the personal and professional opportunities to come! You can see what recommendations they provided us during their final presentation by reviewing their presentation here.