2019 Resolution #9: Handing the Mic

This is it! Today, we reveal our ninth and final resolution for 2019. If you have missed any of the previous eight, you can review them here.

The Me Fine Foundations staff’s final 2019 resolution is simple: provide a platform for families to share their treatment and hospitalization stories. Here’s the most important part. This platform is to give families the opportunity to tell those stories in their own words. We aren’t controlling the microphone. Instead, we are passing it.

Me Fine began because our founder, Lori Lee, was willing to leverage the power of her son’s Caring Bridge site. Through this online platform, she provided updates, expressed her range of emotions, and created a space where other parents saw their own experience reflected.

Today, we turn this resolution into action with the help of Angel Oak Creative, our hospital partners, and most importantly, the families who participated. We invite you to tune into our brand new video featuring Sue and Sidney Povish and Jerry and Shannon Rhodes. You will also hear from Margaret Morrison, one of the dedicated hospital social workers who connects families to Me Fine.

Jerry and Shannon Rhodes
Jerry and Shannon Rhodes

Tomorrow, our annual #ShowYourLove campaign begins. Throughout the month of February, we invite you to make moments of hope happen for families throughout the calendar year by joining Me Fine as a sustainer. Each time you donate, you are helping take care of a light bill or a gas tank. You are eliminating those worries so parents like Sue, Jerry, and Shannon can focus on what matters.

Start your commitment today: http://bit.ly/ShowYourLove2019