2019 Resolution #6: Vision

One of the reasons that the Me Fine Foundation has been so successful over the last 14 years is because people actively cared and showed up to serve. As Me Fine has grown, so has the need for the organization to regroup and re-evaluate what the future could look like if we are fulfilling our mission.

Our sixth resolution for 2019 is to share Me Fine’s vision for the future.

For the first time, board and staff members are working together to craft the transformational change we hope to see in our communities. This process began in January 2018 in partnership with consultants from Armstrong McGuire + Associates. On January 14, 2019, more than 20 of us gathered at the North Carolina Community Foundation to review the mission; establish organizational values and beliefs; set strategic priorities; and sketch out an initial vision.

As we put the final touches on the current iteration of a vision statement, we know that it is important for us as an organization to speak to that vision frequently. Our vision is the manifestation of the countless hours given by volunteers, dollars by donors and partners, and dedication of our professional staff. The words that came up during our discussion on January 14th around our vision included:

  • Collaboration
  • Community
  • Easing burdens
  • Compassion
  • Systems of support

Expect to hear more from us about this vision and how we will work towards achieving it throughout 2019 and beyond!