2019 Resolution #5: Bigger Picture Thinking

The fifth resolution of the Me Fine Foundation staff for 2019 is somewhat similar to our first resolution but with a slight twist. Me Fine’s mission is very deliberate and focused: We meet urgent needs through our financial assistance program so families can avoid additional life and financial disruptions. The emotional and psychosocial support programs that we sponsor in our partner hospitals offer longer-term interventions for coping and healing for each member of the family.

But, the challenges families navigating pediatric illness and medical crisis experience are much wider and greater than Me Fine can ever address. Fortunately there are other pediatric-centered organizations, such as the American Board of Pediatrics and even our three partner hospitals, that are working to eliminate and eradicate specific disruptions permanently.

Me Fine’s fifth resolution for 2019 is to highlight some of the bigger-picture thinking and actions other groups are taking, which will have positive impacts for the children and families we serve.

All of us in the Me Fine family can learn from and/or work with other nonprofit, public sector, and for-profit partners to develop ideas and implement long-term solutions. For instance, one potential suggestion is to recognize formally the role that childhood trauma plays in the long-term health and wellness of our communities, which could open the door for greater research, resources, and acceptance (read this NPR story here).


This is a resolution where we will want your help! When you hear of ground-breaking approaches to supporting families; when you read about simple interventions that could make it easier for parents and caregivers to be with their sick child, we would love for you to share it with us! You can send us an email at communications@mefinefoundation.org.