About Me Clings

One of the most frustrating things about a prolonged hospital stay is the incessant questions that are asked by the numerous hospital personnel coming and going all day long. This is especially true at a teaching hospital.

The About Me Clings were developed by Striving for More in conjunction with the artistic abilities of Laura Kelly to help hospital personnel familiarize themselves with their pediatric patients.

The clings provide helpful information in a personalized format that allows pediatric patients to share information such as the way they prefer to take medication, what they need in painful situations, and what they like to do.

The goal of the About Me Clings is to help children and families with the transition to hospital care, which is often for prolonged periods of time.

The About Me Clings are dry erase clings that cling to the wall and are re-positionable so they can be placed in any spot in the room or if the patient prefers, even on their door so that the doctors and nurses read about them before they enter the room!

We are excited about this program because it is unique to Me Fine, and it was developed based on the input from the families we serve.

About Me Cling