Financial Support

In a recovering economy, sometimes the most well-prepared family finds itself living from paycheck to paycheck. When you consider that the costs of longterm care for a child battling critical illness can often top $10,000/week, the financial strain becomes even more apparent. Regularly, the diagnosis of a child with one of these life-threatening diseases ruins a family financially, in addition to the emotional stress and unthinkable mental hardship that they must bear. ┬áMe Fine provides critical assistance to these families when the financial burden becomes too cumbersome. Some of the financial resources that Me Fine provides include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Mortgage/rent assistance to prevent eviction, including payment of delinquent rent/mortgage
  • Utility bill payments to keep service constant in the home, including reconnection fees
  • Travel expenses for families during treatment, including assistance for fuel and lodging
  • Money for groceries/food for families
  • Insurance premiums/co-pays/deductible assistance
  • Prescription drug costs
  • Aid for other emergent family necessities (diapers, clothing, etc)

It should be noted that Me Fine’s process is designed to avoid long paper applications and unnecessary screening. Since families who come in contact often do so as a last line of defense, the Foundation makes every attempt to provide assistance quickly and with little or no requirement of the families it helps. Also, Me Fine makes every attempt to contact any lien holder or service provider for the family for direct funds transfer, rather than giving cash to the families directly.

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