Emotional Support


Me Fine Foundation separates itself from other charities by offering not only financial assistance but emotional support for our families. Often, social workers from both UNC and Duke will call on us to provide something special for one of the families.

Thanks to some of our corporate supporters, we have even provided major repairs on substandard housing for other families.



Me Fine staff members work closely with our families, and have been called in several times to sit with families and their child facing an end of life situation. At times, we’ve become part of the extended family of many who come from far away for treatment.Picture of baby girl


With the 2013 merger of Me Fine Foundation with Striving For More, Inc. we are able to offer additional emotional support at Duke and UNC Hospitals.  We are proud to support digital art therapy programs, Chemo Duck, Beads of Courage,  Triangle Childhood Cancer Support Group and more!

Me Fine Striving 4 More MergerRecently, Lisa Brown was contacted by a UNC social worker who was working with a teenage boy who had been the victim in a drive-by shooting. This young man’s whole future was changed by a random bullet that rendered him a quadriplegic. Understandably, he was quite depressed.

The social worker knew that his birthday was coming up and that all he wanted was crab leg dinners for himself and his family. She called to ask that Me Fine participate in this birthday celebration.

In her words, it was “right up our alley.” Not only did Lisa get the dinners donated through Squids in Chapel Hill and delivered them herself, but she made the boy’s birthday cake herself. The cake was decorated to look like the flag of Jamaica at his request. During the month leading up to the party, the boy called and spoke with Lisa several times and each time the excitement in his voice was more evident!

Join us as we serve families at Duke and UNC hospitals.  We appreciate your support.