Feed Me Fine


Two Triangle companies have partnered in an initiative to assist The Me Fine Foundation. Restaurant scheduling software company ShiftZen and restaurant oil recycler GreaseCycle have launched the “Feed Me Fine” campaign, aimed at collecting gift cards from restaurants across the Triangle to be donated to the Me Fine Foundation, Inc.

The Me Fine Foundation provides financial assistance to parents and caregivers whose children are receiving long term medical treatment in Duke and UNC Children’s Hospitals. Parking, gas, food and other bills not directly associated with medical care can mount and create hardships. Me Fine Foundation, Inc. acts a stopgap providing funds to the families during the treatment process to help ease financial pressure.

The restaurant gift cards collected by ShiftZen and GreaseCycle would be given to Me Fine Foundation, who would in turn give the gift cards to the parents and caregivers of the children in the hospital. Often the cost of meals are not anticipated during an extended hospital stay. For example, parents a child in care could spent $25 a day on meals during a two week hospital stay. That $350 of unplanned cost may have previously budgeted for a car payment, portion of rent/mortgage, utility bills, etc.

“We proud to partner with a community service minded company like GreaseCycle and we know Triangle restaurants will join to us to ‘Feed Me Fine’,” said Richard Averitte, marketing director of ShiftZen. ” If 1% of the 1300 restaurants in Greater Raleigh alone donated a $25 gift card, Me Fine Foundation could help a set of parents would be relieved of one stress and able to focus more on the recovery of their child,” he added.

“Me Fine couldn’t be more eager for this unique partnership. We would not be able to exist without local companies supporting us, and this creative collaboration will make significant impact on helping provide a sense of normalcy for the families and children we serve,” said Joey Powell, Executive Director of the Me Fine Foundation.

For more information about Feed MeFine or if you are a restaurant who would like to donate a gift cards, please contact Richard Averitte at 919-404-9571 or richard@shiftzen.com or Chuck Hackney of GreaseCycle at 919-817-8706 or chuck@grease-cycle.com





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